In my own twatty way of course!

D.David croot
2 min readJul 1, 2022

D. David Croot has been writing on and off (pretty much continually) for nineteen hundred years. He is no preternatural creature, no real special abilities or heightened desires to speak of, but he’s put in his four-trillion hours and it’s all for you my sweaty precious and sublimely beautiful creatures.

In my own twatty way of course

— — — -

I chucked half eaten

barely eaten malt-loaf at teachers heads

I did no class work

No homework

I loitered and littered

I work a crappy job I hate

I swear at customers

I walk around and hide in




Out back

Out anywhere real

So that I do not have to

do what they pointlessly tell me

Sometimes I just stare at arses

Other times when I know I am the king

and don’t feel so bad

and the moon is not quite out and the


of bourbon in venice

on a gondola ride is reachable at

this noticeable spec in time

I laugh at the peculiarity of it all

Allows me to partake

in the nothingness of the grand ball


But when somebody spoke I always listened

gave them credence

For me, this is the difference

between a criminal record

and a laugh and a joke

A wink and a poke poke, nudge





D.David croot

Deviant novelist, candlelit poet stuck in archaic notions of a renaissance man who fails to give a shit…