D.David croot
4 min readFeb 8, 2022

Let’s face it nobody can read. Nobody likes one another in a truly revelatory way whereby humanity could truly not be fucked in the sphinctre! But shit, we get up in the morning and there are flickers of insanity that make sense. A song on the radio, or shitty Spotify, might even recommend a song perfectly performed by Ray Davies of the Kinks. Or my new favourite band Dr Dog. Long may it continue.

Great music is my great jealously, it’s part of why I kill. My talent is faulty and the world is always hailing from one storms to the other through my bifocal led spectacles.

So I say look for inspiration wherever you can find. Get drunk, stare at the birds, get your dick sucked eight time and more. Motivate, annotate annihilate and destroy and move on. Always moving we are the sharks that do not bite. Intimidate and annihilate to get rid of that desolate feeling between the fingers, caught somewhere between the twinkling sensation of a heavy breathing chest.

But life gets boring quickly doesn’t it!

I feel David Lynch’s spirit enter the room when I watch his filmography

Wong Kar Wai’s lightning lighting follows me to bed. His melancholy mood feeds my reflective dreams…

They are talking points and highlights and sensational imagery and unfettered beauty. Inspiration is for inspiration’s sake!

You must get up. Exercise and make time for yourself.

You must read the literary classics

D.H Lawrence



Knut Hamsun

Alberto Moravia

Robert Musil

Alain Fournier (le Grands Meaulnes)

Louis Ferdinand Celine (Journey to the end of the night!)

Kobo Abe


Marquise De sade

Strindberg is forever interesting

When they flood your soul and become one with your futile being. You must destroy them and make them your own. Dismiss them, forget about them let it stew and steep into the ingrained toe nail of your soul.

D.David croot

Deviant novelist, candlelit poet stuck in archaic notions of a renaissance man who fails to give a shit…