Follow the Feeling (full entire free novel) part 18

D.David croot
3 min readSep 27, 2022


He ran through what it could be,



-A cold



He knew nothing, absolutely nothing! He held her warm hand in the ambulance as she wondered where the television had gone and Dennis’s family drove home to wait for news.


“Why are you making a fuss of me?” she said several times, “I don’t want nobody ever to make a fuss over me.”

As I say, they were fine one moment and then, not so much.


They waited hours in A and E…

There was shit everywhere, she could no longer control her bodily functions. Her eyes still held receptacle to Dennis’s enchanting glances but long ago he had run out of words.

She let out the odd ‘aarrrrr’ and screamed in pain every time her bowels told her something was coming.

The nurse cleaned her, took her bloods and asked the usual questions.

Dennis asked a usual one of his own.

“Yes, yes the doctor is very busy. He’ll be with you as quickly as he can…they were doing all they could and so on and more…”

For the most part it was quiet. An unusually odd amount of calmness surrounded the place. The nurses, when at stations laughed and joked of who was seeing who, what celebrity did or said something outrageous to another celebrity…

The family members huddled inside of cubicles awaiting news of broken bones or the reason their cough had persisted appeared positively strange in their everydayness.

That was until, a guy, late thirties, ruffled brown hair, working mans boots careened and screamed in with a gunshot wound to the everything… his voice held the pain of everyman ever wanting to put an end to their life. Words do not do justice to his reverberating and unrelenting cries…“AHHHHHHHH FUCKING KILLLLLLL ME NNNOOOOOOOWWWWW! ARRGGGGGG…and so on.”

Before the man passed out Dennis’s mam said, “Ah please be quite I’ve got family coming over soon and I…

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