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D. David Croot has been writing on and off (pretty much continually) for nineteen hundred years. He is no preternatural creature, no real special abilities or heightened desires to speak of, but he’s put in his four-trillion hours and it’s all for you my sweaty precious and sublimely beautiful creatures.

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He was the primary school nutter

He had the vibrations of suicide

Do or die

he proclaimed

Do or die


He nearly killed a man down by the

Ferris wheel

the gambling machines

the cotton candy dealer

the haunted house

Stabbed him in the back

in the kidney

with his gang

of untoward buddies

When they saw he was still alive

they rolled him into the river in a

carpet they’d found by the back of the cinema


Don’t know how he didn’t die

There was no reason they picked on him

above any other


Do or die is no way to live

If there’s no middle ground

no leeway

You’re manic or your null and void

Killing or being killed


Anyway they’re are out of prison now

and the fair no longer comes around

It all started here: when I think of school part one

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