Beauty and the beast

D.David croot
3 min readMar 14, 2022

-we are all one of the other.. I am the other who writes chastened blessings!

Go shoot me a valentine

In this world of all alike

I found beauty standing

inside of me, beside me…

…Frame by frame infront of me

Suddenly, quite apparently

I knew the one referred to as she…

Tell, please, reveal what I could not be


A mind as open as a carnival ride

Walks, revelatory, hidden hearts rhymes

Sun-burnt bursts of enlightenment

Rise the liquid-burden of entitlement

Rapidly became beauty in the dandelion

The craggy rock and splashes of the sea

Struggle, struggle to bend the fleshy iron

For the permanent offerings of she


Ephemera, broke on through

In the graveyard, lie both our names

Fulfilled the prophecy, ends the game

of a lifelong dedication to you…


Staring at the scenes bawdy stars

Fluid motion, horse drawn carriage’s carts

Picture perfect portraits of distraught marriages

Tracing the outlines of furtive shadows hearts

Filled with the nonsensical fury of adolescence

Full of poetic overtly romantic conversions

In love with the moon, dead to the realmless

When death’s smile arrives swiftly from the hail

Halleluja glory days blitz halcyon skies full of crows

Demented in alleyways, distraught are the stars

for a floating Posthumous existence roaming the tides eternal…




D.David croot

Deviant novelist, candlelit poet stuck in archaic notions of a renaissance man who fails to give a shit…