Am I the best poet to have ever lived?

D.David croot
5 min readMar 22, 2022

And Blowjobs and no fake arse advice! And medium, where the real content at!

I only seem to read and see and skim through real bad poetry. Atrocious writers scribing current events into words that a four year old could have written. This and that and too much terrible-terrible advice to first time writers.

There is no advice for life!

live and ye shall write!!

Castanets on the graveyard of righteousness


A walk in the graveyard at night

Provides the shrill film reel

Knowing, you know! you feel

Locked up, against your own right


In the coffin under the stars

Contemplating Apollo and mars

Why’s and wherefores of meaning

Tomb slips under the earths leaning


Brings it back to the solitary

movements of personal duende

Momentum! Stationary!

Resurrection a sonorous ending


Rattling castanets, jazz guitar

acapella free-love

Hidden rhythmic sounds afar

Caustic cacophonous revelations above


The somnambulist flower flows up river

Disgraced corpulent images deliver

Notes from the lions sizzling at beauties knee

Awake, awake the walking corpse

— — To horizons

— — — — — — beyond belief!

I fart these lines out but are they any good? I have no readers I presume this means they are pure excrement but I cannot cater for current political tastes. Poems should be eternal, should they not?

Flawed dismissed, withered hips

D.David croot

Deviant novelist, candlelit poet stuck in archaic notions of a renaissance man who fails to give a shit…