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8 min readMar 17, 2022

How to get a blowjob and lose your Virginity by the time you are…

— — — — -The audacity of man — — — — — — —

tis alittle bit you… tis a little bit me


There can be no doubt the world has always been corrupt but in an uninteresting way, no illuminati cursed haunted kinda way, buddies and friend and cohorts helping each other out kind’ve way.

This does not interest me like it does others.

It holds no magic, no voodoo inhabiting the spice of life.

Neither illuminating or helpful to point out that not everybody gets what they want or can and that somebody has to work in maccy d’s of KFC or shit-show of a horror existence for most of eternity.

Could we put it all down to genes?

Hazar! Kaloo-kalay!

We now have uncovered every reason for the permetations of mankind, the fat, the dopeyest the daydreamers, nail biters the night lifers the christ receivers and givers, the ganja-heads the gamers of insulate beings, the reason for a belief in fate can be spliced out of man and what do you have>>> true equality!!!

Smudge the face so we all look hideous like cat versions of the nincompoop Kardashians(shame of the face of the earth) one should never judge I was always told.

Then how would I cross the fucking road!

How would I keep my kin safe, myself safe when roaming the Birmingham streets at night after a gig or ready for an adventure of warrior like proportions. If I do not judge I cannot act and I am not free to be alive!

How it shall be so easy, oh so criminally and butterfly free n’easy to star in our own movie when we all are alike and youtube or whatever is new and replaces the perfectly fine and old, revolutionises the world as we never knew it.

Nobody would watch it but the fact we are all interchangeable men, women cats and rabbits all look alike all identify with one another, none of it would really matter. I, me, you would be there on screen and projecting some type of happiness, one always presumes that is.

D.David croot

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