Here’s how much money i’ve made on medium!

D.David croot
4 min readFeb 7, 2022

A February without hope!

Also entitled how I made no money on medium because i’m a talentless hack who’s focus is on the novels that just do not sell…oh how the circle jerk intertwines and enlivens the soul!

The new year arrived and New Year’s resolutions were never even bothered to be made

Well, I’m here to tell you a new month comes with a renewed perspective (i wish)

Here are some easy steps to stop wasting your life and get on with it.


simple eh?

I really should quit medium and focus on the novels. I’ve nearly finished a brief novelette, working title comedy porno, 40,000 words in probs another 20,000 (two weeks max) and then I have to find will o wisp will to bother to rewrite and pretend anybody will read my hilarious meanderings.

She keeps getting a banana… up her… arse. It’s real slapstick I tell you!

I probably should write a proper medium article !

This one is for my writing compadres; this is your sign to continue writing! I never experience block. Could write forever. Have about an hour and a half of genius in me a day.

I am a real conundrum!

I am still not making coffee money

Your Partner Program stories Upcoming earnings

So you’re addicted to pornography? (i find this one funny by the way?)

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Hired to kill pop music part 1

(even funnier ehehehehehhehe)

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Songs for slaughtered lovers

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Too much always often

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We must move on

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Why I shall never watch Spiderman no way home!

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