1 Article — $4,453.51–7 Followers

yeah yeah yeah

Many stories have been written here on how to monetise your medium experience. This is my attempt to tell you it’s probably kinda sorta bollocks. they/we make money buy a headline and then hope you skim to the end and we get a portion of a cent.

Profile page

Apparently a profile page is worth fifteen hundred-quid alone!
and the whackier you are, the less you’ll make. you need something that make ssssssense to everybody hence the title 1 Article — $4,453.51–7 Followers. yeah yeah yeah and I can hear…



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D.David croot

D.David croot

Deviant novelist, candlelit poet stuck in archaic notions of a renaissance man who fails to give a shit… https://ko-fi.com/ddavidcroot